Aug 15, 2023 Starting today, I’ll be working as a postdoc at RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau. Yeah!
Apr 17, 2023 A good thing's worth waiting for - new paper in JCP!
Sep 12, 2022 Our review “Assembly, Properties, and Application of Ordered Group II–VI and IV–VI Colloidal Semiconductor Nanoparticle Films” has been published in Advanced Materials Interfaces! We’re also thrilled to contribute the Inner Back Cover picture for the October edition!
Sep 9, 2022 I have been elected yPC chairperson!
Jun 26, 2022 New preprint on ChemRxiv! We directly functionalized thin CdSe quantum dot films with mlecular hydrogenase mimics and provided in-depth characterization of the functionalization and catalytic activity. Great collaboration between Leibniz-IPHT, Uni Jena, and Uni Ulm!
Feb 5, 2022 My rebuttal to the Krylov et al. article about Cancel Culture in Chemistry has been published on the GDCh app as well.
Nov 26, 2021 I updated the publication list to include whether an article is Open Access or not. Hopefully, many more to come!